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How to prepare for your appointment

When we leave your home or business we want you to be completely satisfied with your carpet cleaning service! Our success in serving you is predicated, in part, on the proper preparation of the rooms where we will clean.

To help ensure excellent carpet cleaning results, please take a few important steps prior to your service call:

1. Thoroughly vacuum the rooms you want us to clean before we arrive. Since carpet manufacturers require this step prior to cleaning, there will be an additional charge ($7/room) if we need to vacuum before steam cleaning begins. If you want us to vacuum your carpets, you have to let us know at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

2. Move any furniture, electronics, beds, dressers or other items you want us to clean under before we arrive. Due to liability concerns, we do not move items and simply clean the areas around them if they are present in the room.

 There are also a few steps you can take during the service call to ensure your satisfaction with the results:

1. Make sure you point out any trouble spots or long-standing stains that need special attention before we start cleaning.

2. Join our technician for a final walk-through after carpet cleaning to make sure the results meet with your approval.

Please keep in mind:

1. As room sizes vary greatly, our prices are based on maximum room size of 250 square feet. A single room larger than 250 square feet may be considered 2 rooms.

2. For the best results, specific treatments in addition to our standard cleaning may be required to address stains caused by pets, coffee, blood, wine, or makeup. If needed, our technician will make a visual inspection prior to cleaning and provide an updated estimate for your approval.

3. As such, phone and email estimates are subject to a visual inspection by our technician. We will always notify you of any changes to the estimate and secure your approval before beginning our work.

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