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Carpets and upholstery accumulate dirt, dust, and germs as time passes. Spills and stains, if not treated on time, can turn your carpet into an eyesore. EcoGREEN offers upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver as it understands the passion and efforts that go into building a welcoming living space. That’s why we offer top carpet cleaning services, like the one offered on carpet cleaning glendale az, to keep your living space looking stunning and new. Our professional upholstery cleaning team has all it takes to restore your beautiful investment into its pristine condition. Restore your discolored, shabby, and worn-out carpets to their original state. EcoGREEN Cleaning is the name you can count on for professional upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver.

EcoGREEN Cleaning Experienced Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners at Your Doorsteps

When you invest in a beautiful carpet or rug like those vintage rugs, your first concern is how to keep it clean, odorless, and dust-free. But that’s almost impossible. It is challenging to keep your carpeting stain and spill-free, especially when you live with children and pets. Don’t worry! EcoGREEN Cleaning professionals use the right equipment and cleaning products to extract the toughest stains.

Upholstery cleaning experts at EcoGREEN Cleaning, Vancouver have years of experience. We understand how the smallest mistakes can damage the surface of your carpet, which is why we follow the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning your carpets to perfection. Create a healthier atmosphere for your family by getting your carpets professionally cleaned on time. No matter how tough the stains are, EcoGREEN Cleaning has a solution.

Carpets are one of the most frequently used household items. They accumulate dust and dirt every time you open your doors and windows, making them a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and contaminants. This also makes it important to hire professional cleaners who offer much more than carpet cleaning services. That is what EcoGREEN Cleaning provides. We use proper equipment and market-leading cleaning products that extract germs and contaminants from every carpet layer. This way we create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Steps Followed by EcoGREEN Cleaning, Vancouver, Upholstery Cleaning Team During Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Process

While cleaning carpets, we tackle one problem at a time. Our professional carpet cleaners follow a step-by-step process to ensure that your carpet is restored to its original condition. These steps include:

Vacuum Cleaning

Our cleaners vacuum clean your carpet to remove the dirt and dust that has settled in over time. We remove furniture, where possible, to create space to clean your carpet. Our powerful vacuum cleaners remove the stubborn dirt that can only be professionally removed. This step makes the steam cleaning for extraction of dirt easier. We dust the baseboard and vacuum clean the carpet from every direction.

Stain Treatment

We get rid of stains before we start the steam cleaning process. That’s because the heat from the carpet steamer can cause these stains to set even deeper. We use the best detergents and shampoos to extract dried-out paint, grime, stains, and old pet messes out of your carpet.

Most cleaning companies use ammonia to fight the toughest stains, but we understand how harmful such chemicals are to the environment. We only use eco-friendly ammonia-free cleaning solutions to remove stubborn dirt from your carpet’s top to bottom layer.

Steam Cleaning

We have powerful carpet streamers to wash and partially dry dirty carpets. This cleaning equipment extracts grime settled in the deepest layers of your carpet, causing odor and stains.

Our professional carpet cleaners know the best way to operate steam cleaners to deliver desired results. Once stain treatment is done the carpet is soaked in detergent solution for some time. The steam cleaner is slowly pulled to extract water from the carpet.

Warm weather is ideal for getting your carpets steam cleaned. That’s because you can run a fan or place them outdoors to speed up the drying process. This prevents the formation of mold, mildew, and unpleasant smell. While steam cleaning your carpets we ensure the padding is not damaged. We attempt to extract every drop of water to ensure your carpets smell and look fresh.

Keep Your Carpets Looking Fresh and Clean Throughout the Year With EcoGREEN Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Services in Vancouver.

No matter what state your carpet is in, we will put our best foot forward to restore it to its best condition. Our team of skilled and experienced carpet cleaners can handle many types of stains and spills without damaging your beautiful investment. Our specialists are trained to tackle dirty carpet problems and deliver the desired results. You can trust EcoGREEN Cleaning to provide you with the best upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver by their professionals who have years of experience in carpet cleaning.

Keep your carpets looking fresh and clean and create a healthy space to live or work for your family or employees. Get in touch with us by phone or email for a free quote or consultation.

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