We work in teams of two or more people depending on several factors such as scheduling and home size. Each team will have a designated supervisor for your service who is directly responsible for your satisfaction.

Yes, absolutely. Not all of our cleaners work on the weekend, but we do have many who like working on Saturday or Sunday, as the traffic is easier to navigate.

Our cleaners will need to park, and if there is a visitor parking spot available for them upon arrival, then we can avoid paying for street parking, which would have to be added to the cost of your service.

We do our best to match you with the same cleaners for your job, and every effort is made to schedule around their availability and yours. If for some reason the cleaners assigned to you are unavailable or sick for any reason, an option to reschedule, or to proceed with different cleaners will be offered to you.

Our rates change only when the cost of living, or more recently the cost of gas becomes a burden to our cleaners and their wages need to be increased. As a regular customer with a regular service, your rates should remain the same for as long as possible.

We keep a credit card securely on file for each client, and the card can be used to make a booking at any time.

We ask for 48 hours notice if you plan to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours may be subject to a $45 fee, depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.

We provide all the necessary equipment and supplies, and you do not need to provide a thing. If you prefer we use your own supplies for any reason, then just let the cleaners know, they will be happy to use them in place of their own supplies.

We offer the opportunity to inspect the job before the cleaners leave, and if you are unsatisfied with your service the cleaners will put forth every effort to clear up any mistakes or oversights on their part. If you still feel unhappy, and wish to contact us, please call or email us directly, and we will make every effort to fix the problem.

We are 100% Eco-Friendly

All of our cleaning solutions are green, bio-degradable, pet-friendly and kid-safe.
We believe in the sustainability of the cleaning profession, and we want to show you that cleaning can be performed effectively while being conscious of our effect on the environment.