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Let the maximum amount of sunlight in your home with EcoGREEN window cleaning services.

Over time, pollution, dust, dirt, and grime settle on your windows and obstruct your view. They block the light that comes through your windows. This especially happens when you keep your windows closed during the colder months of the year.

Window cleaning is a difficult task that should only be left to professionals. That’s what EcoGREEN Cleaning offers in Vancouver. We have a team of professional window cleaners with years of experience in residential and commercial window cleaning.

Want crystal clear streak-free windows? Turn to EcoGREEN Cleaning for professional window cleaning services.

Sunlight is the source of vitamin D. Don’t let pollution and grime block precious sunlight from entering your home. Get in touch with professional window cleaners to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your living space.  Keep your light-loving houseplant alive and healthy. Hire the professional window cleaning team at EcoGREEN Cleaning to keep your vista clean.

Window cleaning specialists at EcoGREEN Cleaning use the best cleaning techniques and products to ensure your windows look the best they can.

Commercial Window Cleaning

EcoGREEN Cleaning offers the best commercial window cleaning services to maintain the corporate feel of your office. Windows are one of the first things your client lays his eyes on when he enters your office. They leave a great impression on your customers if they are thoroughly cleaned. Find out all the benefits of window maintenance to an office or a house.

No matter how beautifully renovated your office is, it will look dull if dust obstructs the natural light from coming in. This makes it very important for the windows of your office to be properly cleaned by professionals.

EcoGREEN Cleaning commercial window cleaning services ensure that your client leaves your office impressed. Hire the market-leaders to create a more corporate feel in your workspace.

Residential Window Cleaning in Vancouver

Ever wondered why your houseplants die so fast? That’s because they don’t get enough sunlight. When you get your windows cleaned by professional cleaners at EcoGREEN Cleaning, you allow maximum light into your room. This provides you and your houseplants with plenty of vitamin D to grow and thrive.

Cleaning your windows on your own without professional experience can be dangerous. Save yourself the hassle and call EcoGREEN Cleaning specialists to clean your windows.

Step By Step Window Cleaning Process in Vancouver

Professional window cleaning is a step-by-step process that requires attention to detail. The cleaning specialists at EcoGREEN Cleaning have the right equipment and experience to clean the windows inside out.

Following are the steps involved in the window cleaning process:

  1. Dust And Dirt Removal

Window cleaning specialists at EcoGREEN remove dust and dirt from the windows before anything else. They use special window cleaning brushes or vacuum cleaners to sweep dirt from window frames. They use dusting attachments while cleaning windows with a vacuum cleaner.

This avoids the creation of a muddy mess when window cleaners are sprayed in the next step. If the grime settled on your windows seems hard to clean, our window cleaners pop out the glass and wash it with detergent and water solution using a soft brush. They rinse off the soap and let the glass dry before putting it back into the frame.

Dusty shades and blinds are cleaned using a microfibers duster. Our window cleaning specialists open the slats and clean them with a damp cloth. After this step, slats are wiped with a dry cloth.

  1. Cleaning Windows With The Right Cleaner

Now that dust and dirt are removed, it is time to choose the right window cleaning solution. Our cleaning experts spray a generous amount of window cleaning spray to the windows that appear extra dirty. This solution suspends the dirt to make it easy to wipe off. That’s how streak-free, spotlessly cleaned windows are achieved.

At EcoGREEN Cleaning, we believe in preserving the environment. That’s why we only use eco-friendly and non-toxic options in window cleaning liquids. These sprays are top-tested products that guarantee the best results.

  1. Cleaning With a Microfiber Cloth

The window cleaning specialists at EcoGREEN Cleaning are equipped with the most advanced cleaning products. Once windows have been sprayed with a window cleaning solution, they are wiped off using a microfiber cloth. Being super absorbent, it leaves your windows streak-free and shiny.

We use special honeycomb texture microfiber glass cloths that take out hard-to-remove water spots, smudges, and dirt from the glass without leaving scratches on the surface.

Unlike most window cleaning companies, we don’t use paper towels or newspaper that leaves behind lint. We use professional quality products to deliver professional-level results.

Professional Window Cleaners At Your Services! 

Get your windows cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. EcoGREEN professional window cleaners have the equipment and the skill set to leave your windows squeaky clean.

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