After the construction crews go home on new builds and renovations they leave behind a brand new building or brand new looking rooms and a lot of dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints that are due to cutting, sawing, hammering, putting in new cabinetry and counter tops. Before the owners move into that new home or business the building is going to need a good post construction cleaning to make the building habitable. 

Construction Cleaning Services

EcoGREEN Cleaning Services is #1 janitorial cleaning company provides both pre and post cleaning services for construction companies, home or business owners to clean up the mess left behind once the constructions crews have left.

The company provides complete Eco friendly cleaning services in Vancouver, BC including the following pre/post construction cleaning services:

    • Removal of cardboard boxes and other packing materials of construction supplies
    • Cleaning of air diffuses
    • Dusting and cleaning of all lights
    • Window cleaning
    • Cleaning of counter tops, cabinets and all other surfaces
    • Vacuuming and spot cleaning cabinets
    • Sweeping and mopping hardwood or tile floors
    • Dusting and cleaning walls
    • Garbage removal

Deep Cleaning Services

In cases where the construction crew leaves behind more than the normal construction debris and mess or in the case of a renovation where a deep cleaning of the entire home or business is called for to match a new addition or renovations EcoGREEN Cleaning Services will provide the deep cleaning needed to make the home or building look its very best and be completely inhabitable for the family or employees that will be spending time in the building. Deep cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning of bathroom and other tiles
  • Deep cleaning of carpeting 
  • Washing walls
  • Cleaning windows inside and out including window frames and sills.
  • Disinfecting various surfaces
  • Cleaning all fixtures and removing finger and footprints. 

Uses only Eco friendly materials when cleaning so they won’t leave behind any toxic fumes or residue once the cleaning is complete.