There are many condos and apartment complexes and building in Vancouver and the condos and apartments in buildings are often rented either long or short term. With so many different spaces having high turn over rates condo and apartment management companies are often looking for a reliable move-out cleaning service. 

What To Look For In A Move Out Cleaning Service

When hiring a move out cleaning service look for a service that is:

    • Reliable and has a good reputation for cleaning with many satisfied customers
    • A company that uses Eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce harmful fumes and residue that could affect renters breathing and health.
    • A company that can provide both standard and deep cleaning services on an as needed basis
    • A company that provides the necessary cleaning services at an affordable price.

Here are the standard cleaning services that should be expected from a condo and apartment cleaning service in Vancouver, BC.

    • Sweeping or vacuuming of all floors throughout the unit
    • Mopping the hardwood or tile floors
    • wiping down window sills and ledges
    • cleaning the inside of the windows
    • cobweb removal
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting of sinks, tubs, showers and counter-tops
    • Cleaning and dusting of all mirrors, fixtures, and furniture throughout the unit
    • Refrigerator cleaning
    • Range, stove top, oven and microwave cleaning
    • All shelves and cabinets dusted and wiped out
    • Blinds dusted

Deep Cleaning Services

In some cases renters leave behind more of a mess than can be taken care of by standard cleaning. In such cases, deep apartment cleaning services may be needed in order to get the condo or apartment back in condition to rent. Deep cleaning services may include:

  • Washing of walls and the removal of crayon marks.
  • Deep cleaning of carpeting 
  • Cleaning of any upholstered furniture

One company that provides high quality superior condo and apartment cleaning services in Vancouver is EcoGreen.